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lutions, moved by Dr. Arthur Gamgee, and seconded by Dr. Mac
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sides alike as a depressant. There is no distress of breathing, cougli,
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bougies; and treatment of fistula in perineo by dilating the stric-
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the centre of the skin and muscle forming the lips of the wound two
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greatest difficulty on crutches. I obtained a course of your medicines, and now. at
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104. A four-year-old half-bred horse, left in hospital on the loth
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abnormal sound was heard on auscultation. There were no after
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tirely of a falciform compressed claw ; of the ten digits on the outer side,
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Phthisie tuberculeuse du Cheval." The urine contains large quanti-
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complete cure, and demonstrating their great value. I am sure your remedies only
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as the rescue of a life from imminent danger. The operation, when the
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violently hurled backwards and forwards. This explains their vulner-
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Superficial growths, such as epithelioma, should be treated by the ap-
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I was severely troubled with this complaint for many years, sometimes almost
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of hepatisation is arrived at. Under such circumstances recovery
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Soon after purchase this horse was noticed to pass urine into the
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Local Secretaries, and the financial position of the Association, the
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fairly be imputed to any other cause, it makes suffi-
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rest and ease, but they tend to relapse even when that method is
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eight times, both these layers of the serous membrane were converted
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patient was brighter than on the previous days, and ate a little hay.
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sections through its walls appear yellowish-red, marked with patches
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of them eight or nine inches long, killed by that invaluable remedy. She is now
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they as firm ; their consistence was that of a normal testicle.
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tuberculosis, viz. the experimental. Only after having shown how the
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cured. Gratitude to the Almighty, as the dispenser of all good, with duty to you
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in an unsuccessful tracheotomy ; or, again, that while it was of no benefit
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the probable seat of the bleeding, while the length of time the symp-
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Scotland, in Tynedale, which was then not under English rule, com-
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to the mind through all the avenues of feeling and imagination as well
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Many other drugs may also be given intravenously with advantage ;
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as a surgeon-volunteer. Be this tremendous contest right or wrong, it is a
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contract, and its commencement must mark, and exactly coincide with,
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prostate have been very favourable. The adoption of this mode of
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shoulder to the fingers. Upon examination, I ascertained that there was
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larger joints, the introduction of wliich in Germany was dueto .Siromeyer
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permitted of definite treatment. Everyone knows the results of sero-
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Authors have at \-arious times traced the disease to congestion of
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Thrombosis of the iliac arteries in the horse . 387
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crepitation such as is usual when blood is extravasated. The muscles
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of inquiring into the present constitution and operation of the Com-
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