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than the other ; while in uraemia both sides of the body are equally con-
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blood-streaked, and, possibly, evidences of pneumonia and gangrene.
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we have the hot stage of regular intermittent fever coming on, with all its
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Epidemic cholera is an acute general disease, which prevails epidemically,
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not recommend "blue-mass" in functional hepatic disturbances, and
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efforts that attend the fits of coughing which are so common in interstitial
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flexed at an angle of about sixty degrees. Some movements of the arm
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most. Dry cups must be applied over the thoracic and lumbar regions as
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with extravasation of urine demands cystotomy. A suprapubic opera-
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stone after it has once formed, but it will arrest the stone formation,
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effects of the typhoid poison are manifested in the changes which take
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mittent throughout the entire course of the disease. The prognosis in the
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During this stage, if the pressure has increased ra])idly, dropsy and albu-
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Examples of local atrophy from excessive functioned activity are seen in
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harm than whiskey and brandy, and are usually more serviceable. Phthisi-
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Typhous ulcers have their origin either in diphtheritic infiltration or im-
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there is danger from ledema glottidis, the consequence of extension of the
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it delays the grov/th of the aneurism. It also diminishes restlessness and
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artery beyond the aneurysm. This prevents blood going from the
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casts of segments of the lower bowel, are voided in the diarrhceal dis-
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conditions interfere, another change takes place, viz., the formation
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of a tumor along the line of the intestine is essential to the diagnosis of
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intra-arterial pressure, the arteries becoming overtaxed. It is very
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quently ; at other times it has been exceedingly rare. "When it does occur,
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hwmiitomt'sis by gastric symi)toms. Haemoptysis is preceded or accom-
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into the rectum above the prostate gland, while, with strong and firm
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geon believes to be the best for the condition at hand, should he selected.
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Arrest of hemorrhage, prevention of shock, and relief of pain have
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to an increase in the size of its cortical substance, which is of a pale yel-
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duction. The temperature should never be allowed to remain at 105° F.
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Cause. — The cause seems to be the same as in other disease of bone.
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the smaller ones. It is a macular, not a papular eruption. At first they