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syringe into the small intestine, as high up on the jejunum or ileum

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Based on observation and experience of 20 years the writer

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with these curtailments the book has grown by seventy pages, and the

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This is one of tlie most interesting and important books that

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a case described by Ayrolles,^ that died ten days after birth, there was

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absolute cleanliness for skin and excreta alike. Where the expense

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While all forms of tubercular disease must be considered identical in their

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and the more I read the more conservative I become. There are

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The third case was amultigravida with flat, rhachitic pelvis, whose previous

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but the theory of the dependence upon chemical analysis for the quality

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Berlin Clinical Society, reported the case of a woman who had influenza in

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ially on the genitalia, have to be ruled out in determining the nature

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or electrolytic treatment presents the proper procedures.

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would not touch anything without washing directly after. Later on he

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Wiendahl,^^ Haussmann,-*^ Paterson,'^^ Roberts,'^' Powell,'^^ Downes,^*

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discs. Not infrequently a post-diphtheritic polyneuritis is in-

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This explanation preserves the fact of the etiological relation of syphilis to

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three-quarters of the whole length, is employed. It is very slightly curved