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differentiated in man. It is well developed in the anthropoid

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these words : " Of the existence of secondary syphilitic ulcera-

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sive sexual excitement, and from the presence of perioophoritis, salpingitis,

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Publication Committee to see that no more radical socialism

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and infection may be brought about, their very presence in the

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It was evident that the eruption began to itch now, as the patient kept

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which sink instantly in water, he finds an infiltration of the alveolar

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fifty per cent, ointment was of benefit. In burns and frost-bites of the first and

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and my notes tell of pains in the back and legs, fits of vomiting, loss of

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the strength of l-10th of 1 per cent, after an experience with it of twenty

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her previous labors had been very tedious, but finished by nature's sole

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From observations upon the manner of recurrence after galvano-caustic

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adhesions first and afterward wire the fragments. The treatment of rupture

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is no clinical evidence of any rheumatic association at all.

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in its small diameter, but it is hardly probable that it would be caught in the

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Admission history: Feeling badly for one week, as if he was getting

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quent recurrence of this condition is, however, recognized as of serious

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"Under cocaine anesthesia a modified Bassini for right inguinal hernia,

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the several States, and societies, associations, corporations, or per-

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investigation disclosed a piece of the gangrenous gut protruding from the

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previous medical a tendant.t In this way a complete check on the

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treatment. In tight stricture, high up, this plan of treatment is

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(I-E). Conflict, the result of opposing Complexs (C).

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Hodgkin's disease is a disease characterized by enlargment of

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pericardium is undoubtedly a rare lesion, and it is one that has seldom,

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mission to the hospital — viz., headache, vertigo, fever, deafness, and facial

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The method which I propose is as follows : After the usual

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pose in the organism, such as an internal secretion, and if the

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The main reason for reporting this case is that it followed an operation

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My experience certainly corroborates this statement. But the

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modifications in the central nervous system no one can be edu-

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It would certainly seem that the few cases in which an acute

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have enumerated, plus some organic lesion — coarse or fine — of the brain.

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assignable cause ; on one occasion this was attended by vomiting

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"Afterwards I elicited the following history — that the child vomited

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recurrence in from three to five years unreservedly condemns it.

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do not yield at once to every gentle emotion of your heart, for

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This statement, Skoda says, is confirmed through opportunity

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mean nothing until they are withdrawn. It is only too certain that

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the first edition of his work, writes of "Acute Epiphysitis," but in the

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Case XI. — Female affected with dementia ; nothing known of her

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became worse. Dr. Walshe states that " in not a few instances I have

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