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Autorreferat Tuberculosis, v. 2, no. 4, p. 189-193. Leipzig, May,

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ing coffers? No, obviously the results they achieved

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emaciation and failure to u'l'ow : i -J ' a tcmli'iicy to the production of

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Mixtures and Compounds. — Mixtures, when the name plainly indicates a mixture, such

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passage until it gains the virulence usually i)osse8sed by bovine tubercle bacilli.

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WANTED: Physician for resident in hospital. Private

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places his foot on the "iidiind, the sutbleii |M'essure exerted on the iiatl

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eign and European countries which have legislated against the importation of trichina

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vertical meridian; in the left eye there was a tubercle above, one below,

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the same muscles. Nor can the seat of the refractory period be in the

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manifestation of this disease until recently was the

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It is in this latter group that the error of commis-

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the 18,535 calories of energy contained in the hay, 9,921 calories were

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breadstuflfs increase the stock feeder will be more and more con-

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appears as an infarct Here the cells are swollen, devoid of nuclei and

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liberty and privileges given dogs and those allowed to other domestic

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deposit of new bone in a layer around all the bones of the skeleton.

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tice of industrial hygiene, particularly by official

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tendons, liirameiifs and other iiieniliranes surroundiiii: the joints.

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knowledge of it through our senses, means nothing but inexperience

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one half of which are laymen and the other half are

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Dr. Smith asked the approval of the Council for the

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The Bureau selects certain of the most experienced veterinary in-

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to inspect and supervise properly the work of slaughtering, rendering, packing, canning,

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previous history of this subject The post-mortem examination showed the

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in the desired position (while the extremity is ele-

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are found to be diseased, unwholesome, unsound, and unfit for human food. It is