Aygestin Therapy

the commencement of all such cases to constant poulticing or stup-

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where ordinary precautions were used. The time of development

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Kueneke's description of the supposed mechanism of synclitism

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almost invariably prove satisfactory. If the amount of fluid is small,

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occurrence of suppuration, that he had seen the same thing occur

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Hewlett, Villar, and Revis (1910) report on a number of tests of herds of six or

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small doses, ice-cold, with pieces of ice, a procedure which can be tried

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considerable length of time, no symptoms of chronic bromism will result.

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Acute Fibrinous Bronchitis. — It is fortunate that this is a rare dis-

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worse instead of better, and the numbness and loss of power ap-

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using one per cent of sugar was added, the broth run into graduated

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toxin in a collodion sac the question arose as to the amount of toxin

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riosclerosis, those already named and all others {e.g., traumatic, toxic,

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T. lewisi in stained films, but subsequently T. hippicum disappeared from the animal's

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extended that we have. In comparing a long series of tests of 18 normal healthy

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instruments that are introduced into the eye for the removal of

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able, that an endosmotic change had taken place by means of the

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able that no preparations of either one of these proteins from the

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Guinea-Pig (a) : 102° F. 101.4° F. 98.8° F. 94.4° F.

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dogmatize. He says, " The functions of the several constituents of

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(NH4)2S04 solution heated to 50° and the perfectly clear extract dialyzed until the

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Bacillus fusiformis is pathogenic for the guinea-pig and the mouse.

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It is, however, a very rare condition for the whole canal to re-

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udder troubles or for other reasons which might be expected to give high counts:

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it rises above normal, to which it returns during convalescence.

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relationship may be brought together into groups by a classifi-

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33). In physiological doses it strengthens the heart muscle, expands the

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" "The Standardization of Disinfectants [unsigned]," iance/, London, Vol. 177, Nos. 4498,4499, and

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from a quantity of selected seeds which were presumably free from those of other species.

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responsibility in cases of profound anaemia upon oral sepsis, Rosenow's

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All recent authors, so far as I know, even including Kueneke, who

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Under the head of Neuroses we find that Dr Damon treats of two

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and after waiting a few days, reduce the milk still farther, replacing it

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the contrary, in splitting up give off organic acids (lactic, butyric,

aygestin therapy