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India ofi^er most inviting fields for the industrial
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Monday, June 1st. — New York German Medical Society.
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not those previously warmed ; and on examination, the posterior
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or purest products. In some instances the process not recom-
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plications, it being his opinion that they increase the heat of the
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rarily the power of locomotion ; he has a feeling of extreme
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unaffected side — which he explains on the basis of
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Dr. Harry Fielding Ark. of New York, aged twenty-five
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this crude statement of the subject for the purpose
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could be readily recovered in the patient's urine re-
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rily when the irrigation fluid is turned on and off
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"Read before the Buffalo Academy of Medicine. February ig.
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in various fascise showed clinically no evidence of
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portion of bone, which was about the size of a halfpenny, was re-
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in other mucous sufaces ; not so with the air cells, their interior
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La Chapelle gives 37,895, in which all the operations and their
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this form of operative interference was of necessity
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of the top of the great trochanter was also detached. In front,
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Griffith. — In France on Tuesday, April 8lh, Dr. Lewis
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have just noticed, as well as to the direction of the strata.
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ing Surgeon to the Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Brook-
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fascia in the hip and leg to combat the infection and
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the nation's health, current problems in social medi- committee's figure of 1,000,000 drug users, 250,000
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should never be allowed to discontinue the fillings.
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pure learning and recreation cither intellectual or
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rheumatism and most other diseases, the cure is best attained
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cells, and from the clear and open structure of the latter, many
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its abdominal and chest walls that characterizes the
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nervous system upon which the first morbid impression is made
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cinated recently. On the other hand, the honest and
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be taken up systematically, and to be pursued independent of theory,
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ir, diagnosed it points more definitely to ulcer than
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plicated with and occurring synchronous with puberty ; and
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Officers, or to the degree of doctor of public health
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control this dread disease, which for centuries had
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men that have entered upon the inquiry, was the imperfection of our
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ordered to bridge over a crisis, is still kept by thv.