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appointment, unless otherwise stated in the appointment.

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the reflexes of the lower extremities, we should expect that the reflexes would

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either at the Infirmary or the Public Hospital. The /ee« are : Greneral

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least two years the medical and surgical practice of a general hospital

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seldom occur in uncomplicated forms, and that intellectual defect is very

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unknown. The pulse is almost invariably slow, often somewhat irregular and

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the tubercle bacilli reach the meninges. We are ourselves disposed to suspect

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certain psychoses (catatonia), the occurrence of cataleptic symptoms is very

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plications, which are not directly connected with the leukaemia, are generally

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1:30; laboratory: Tu., Th., F., 1:30-3:30, Newman; Winter, M.-F., 10:00-12:00,

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first called to his slight and infrequent pains by direct questioning; but in

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Division of the Coitr«60.«-Pupils are divided into four sections, con-

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ments. One requircsaent is that the oyster imist be chilled to 45'F within

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If the patient's thoughts are occupied chiefly with the dreaded advent of a

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Minimum Specifications ^or Approver Plants M^nufacturina, Processing, and PacKaginq

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hemorrhage takes place, may induce symptoms closely simulating a primary

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Lyons; two Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy de Plein Exercice

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whenever any voluntary muscle has been inactive for a time and is then made

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Practical Pharmacy, Hospital, £3 3s.; total, £3 3s. Third winter:

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Stanley Brownstein, M.D., Clinical Associate in Medicine.

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close of each session. They are known as the First Year's, the Primary,

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struction, lecture-rooms, classrooms, library, museum, and offices.

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number of occupation lead palsies, it was demonstrated that, as a rule, those

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The tongue is frequently dry; it is broad and thick, with an irregular and

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At KehU the Examination is hdd in October for residence in October or

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Whilst there is no anthorised order of study, the usual course ia

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extensive bedsore has developed, a cure can often be effected only by means

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ity. At all events, we are acquainted with a series of physiological facts from

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Ebert, Richard Vincent, s, w, sp, Chicago. S.B. '33.