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these : That sero-purulent collections are more frequent

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reading of these was deferred till to-morrow, and the

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Since the winter of 1877-78, the number of students

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In the absence of the Statistical Secretary, Dr. Adams

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age given, and urged the collection of definite statistics.

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Association, at Atlanta, in May, 1879. Calling around

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condition, laboring under chronic septicaemia, as well

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boro; Dr. D. Q. Steere, of Pleasants; and Dr. W. H.

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One needle is passed under the skin of the lid, parallel

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1870 to 1880, we were in one of those cycles, nearly

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the habit of taking bromide of potassium after drinking

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smooth, so as to facilitate the rapid flow of sewage,

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a slight decrease in the mortality for the week in Cin-

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Appropriate resolutions were offered and adopted, and

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inflammation confined to the gray matter, may be pro-

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When this is observed early, I have seen good results

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prospective chairman (then the president of the State

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either through the intervention of the cerebral ganglia,

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ing the upper lid, it was seen to be the seat of ulcera-

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