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pleased to be able to state that they have been thoroughly and efficiently conducted. I
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Ottawa ; we discussed this question hour after hour there, our committee meeting the
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the class was represented by Miss Marion Shepard of Buffalo, New York,
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of life, and how such a mind and body can be obtained.
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Act shall be construed as reserving to the Legislature the " power of repealing or amending
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make a positive threat that the Defence Association was to continue on until it had
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or villi are caught there. The joint never becomes locked, how-
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Diseases of the Lungs. Powell. $6.00. P. Blakiston's Son & Co.
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Some Medical Proverbs. — In a recently published advertising medical
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tal a plan which is a distinct innovation over the former plan followed by
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until it is proven that the suspected animal did or did not have rabies.
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that the people tt^ld him exactly what these certificates contained ; that there were none of
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leg; an important part, we admit, but not the sole part.
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next regular treatment, as case histories only too well show. In a few iso-
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any question of the law (properly) submitted to him for ihat purpose.
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are in the same position again, that the members whom we want to be here are not here.
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From this time on she has not been able to use the left foot properly and
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to Dr. Crippen about the testimonials, he said, " When I asked you about how the medicine
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their Mastership at my disposal, also to Professor C. E. Fergu-
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painful menstruation we shall consider for a time the various
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land, in a recent volume on the BeCquerel Rays (Copeland), states
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treatment, but there are a sufficient number of favorable cases to warrant try-
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We believe this to be a good book, although we have not seen it.
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English translation." This statement is hardly confirmed by an examination
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surgery and clinical surgery, medicine and clinical medicine, including diseases of the eye,
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system, or instruction be given regarding these especial organs
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atrophy (2) Pernicious vomiting and (3) that type which produces