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Our first comment is that its style is atrocious ; for ex-

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We do not work in that way now. If, as is often the

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dent of the American Medical Association, condemning

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The total number of deaths in New York City in 1880

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of the extremities, arising from rachitis, anchylosis

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Schenck, formerly Superintendent of the County Hos-

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twenty years of clinical study justified the views herein

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As regards the origin of the native vaccine disease,

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short of direct verification, by inoculation into a healthy

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over the region of the liver, there can be no objec-

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to the Surgeon-General.— 5. O. 78, C. S., A. G. O.

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ing that the parasite is not confined to the St. Gothard


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Hartshorne, Caspar Wister, Samuel Ashhurst, John L.

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