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fatigue. On forced inspiration, a stridulous sound is

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another hypodermic injection over the right chest-wall,

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ardson, and Dr. Stewart. — Med. Times and Gaz., March

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ing and alleviating pain, and shortening safely the

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S. McMurtry, of Louisville ; Assistant Secretary, Dr. S.

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the spleen appears in a fold in the peritoneum as a

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One was full of pus. The ureters were greatly dilated.

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iting by the counsel of intelligent physicians, or,

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doses of 25 to 30 cgrms. for children of from five to

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ries, but, as a rule, will return soon after their removal.

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slow and variable, but without any symptoms specially

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slough, or more or less orange-colored exudation. The

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luxury, because it fades the costly rugs and drapery, and

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tled A Case of Ovariotomy , showing the presence of a

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in diameter, depressed in the centre, and lying flat upon

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was read, in which he asked the co-operation of the

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accepting the theory that disturbances of the glyco-

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perforation of the gall bladder; no calculi; evidences

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hair were also slightly reddened. From time to time

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or it may constitute a perfect lining of the larynx and

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and there was no tract of inflammation from the seat

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strumous, and therefore you will find it but seldom nec-

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nished with an open cup, sinking it into the bulk of the

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arestin treatment protocol

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