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The treatment should consist, in the slighter cases,
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ment in this matter). I remember distinctly, some years
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Washington states that Surgeon-General Barnes is not
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or leather splint applied by bandages does this com-
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Between this stricture and the bladder the urethra was
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ers in different sanitary organizations, but which now
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York to hold consultations with all legally-qualified
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gence of local events of general medical interest, or which it is
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value. Some of my reviewers, who looked no further,
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Currie, and H. C. Clark were appointed a committee to
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them, and the destruction of germs includes the dis-
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in the medical as in other professions, occasion con-
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works licensed to be printed during the past two years
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5J. ; Tinct. Hyos., 3j., Tt\,. four times a day with
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Med. Bhitt., No. i, 1881) strongly recommends salicy-
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using pus from the chancres of different individuals. He goes the
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Itropion of the mucous lining of the cervix, but it is
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denuded surfaces in great quantities. The blood-plasma
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say that it seems to fulfill all possible indications for
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If the action of the heart was such that, by increasing
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twelve days with sinapisms, vesicatories, and anodynes,
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had suffered with signs of ovarian dropsy for nearly
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A knowledge of medicines and their uses is to the practitioner of