plying the means of absorbing the virus, might have
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practical tests in the most promising localities in regard
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There were in the town about 30 French people, who were very
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the closing of the lumen of an artery after ligation or
anxious and somewhat apprehensive, but hope for the
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of "guilty and insane;" when the responsibility of in-
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from consumption in New York City ; 45 in Philadel-
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hydatid, but that by carefully weighing all the physical,
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the diseases incidental to child-bed, particularly in
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Our therapy in this case will consist in the very re-
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cerebellum. Longet, in the main, endorses his conclusion. The diffi-
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or in the passageway leading to it, is necessary to
called epidemics of this disease, and they are more likely
Dr. S. B. St. John Roosa, of New York, the Secretary,
the heart, liver, and one kidney perfectly healthy —
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one-sixteenth of a grain, hypodermically, is sufficient
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the pulse 'more rapid than normal, owing to the fact
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smooth, so as to facilitate the rapid flow of sewage,
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hours after the first symptoms had manifested them-
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evacuation and cauterization of the vesicles have not,
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tient was left as comfortable as usual, previous injections of
many interesting points to settle as to the histogenesis
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beneath. After a few weeks, the parts recovered their
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grenous process, or the constant passage of an ichorous
probable — that by this last means the functional
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dividuals on the other, in the production of this phenomenon — the
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of the corpuscle {/. e., its average richness in haemo-
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time for all the details of the operation, because we
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The Faculty then listened to the report of its com-
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that the patient immersed receives too little to be
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fluid in cerebral anaemia, consequent to arrest of the
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she seems perfectly well, and has been employed at the
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purports to be in the main a treatise on prisons, but
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garding the raising of fund» for the library. After a
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cases, of which sixteen made rapid and perfect recov-
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tion in semeiology, yet this is no reason for declining to make a diag-
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The Pathological Institute has Prof. Cohnheim for its
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perform an iridectomy upon it also, which was accord-
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not so ripe as theirs, and in no other operation in
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stayed in place, became encapsulated, and were after
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way into the general circulation through the lymphatics
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of uric acid in the blood, which he asserts to be a very
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was made in the depth of the cartilage and transverse
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