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whose services are satisfactory. _The Government Hos-
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cases, 13 deaths ; pulmonary tuberculosis, 86 cases, 48
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" in right lumbar region, then right inguinal . . 1
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negative reaction. In paralytics the content of anti-
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in itself, will prevent the occurrence of ankylosis.
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tion for either of which was, in my opinion, contra-
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hot flannel stoops all over the chest; a hypodermic
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improvement in the breathing. The author found that the motion in some
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right clavicle. The examination of the abdomen showed
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cent, of the typhoid fever in the cities of the United
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healthy skin, and so bringing the edges to immediate union without undue
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being made at very short intervals, and the shadows
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taught to slip his own finger along the tongue as near the base as possible,
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Record, January 30, 1897) records a case under this title in which death
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diplo-bacterium identical with the Kitasato bacillus was found in his
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fluid. In polioencephalitis the cerebrospinal fluid
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CI. — How do you treat chronic nasal catarrh? {Answers
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is a detailed clinical history pointing accurately to
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stimulating these nerves, others inhibition there )f.
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present in proprietary, or patent medicines, especially that
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today the enlargement of the thyroid gland has entirely disappeared.
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tube was twisted and constricted. The foetal sac con-
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Fig. 2. — Lichen syphiliticus. (Spencer i ni. comp. oc. 4.) The white oval is an oblique sec-
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seems clear that this law applies to the muscle of the heart, as well as
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cases will show its fallibilitv. The patient of Case
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Avorking-hypothesis, whether finally demonstrated to be true or not, has
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acting as a direct irritant to the vessels, and that
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apparently recovered from their first attack of appendicitis. During the
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full time gestation and parturition, but never, as far
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histological causes may account for the lessened ob-