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tracts was recognized. It was present in every instance,
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ascribes the issue to the supervention of some septic
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water is an efficient deodorizer and disinfectant of
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cellated tissue of the lumbar vertebra was sufficient
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Tubercle is a fibro-caseous neoplasm, the development
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— City readers will do an act of charity by purchasing tickets for
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tra, it would save twice or thrice, possibly tenfold,
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ous evils of the present sewerage system shall arouse
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Dr. Pye-Smith's views, and pointea out the striking
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Domestic Animals, and its Communication to Man," by Dr. Von Barensprung;
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point their results do not confirm those of Bernard,
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when in trying to make their way through that organ
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tions to the fundamental law of the American Medical
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jury. The desideratum is to prolong the duration of
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ever, took place, and the patient rejected by the canula only a little
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Faculty who have resigned, it is understood that they
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by cultivation in carefully selected heifers. Against
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weeks after the operation, as the fellow-eye was red
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B. Baker, M.D., of Lansing, Secretary. William Old-
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cently discovered constituents of urine rich in g^ape-
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lyn; 3 in the District of Columbia; 5 in Detroit, where
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that of 1880. No allusion is made to 1879 and 1878,
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nation, and he urged that vaccination be made compul-
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hesions were so firm as 10 need the knife, but there
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iodine, nitric acid, etc., the repeated use of sponge-tents
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