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ber of ruptures, 18; cured, 5; relieved, 8; not relieved,

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Consumption and Pneumonia. — The deaths from con-

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will give us rain without your medicines. — R. D. Ma-hala-ma-

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of the finger and the two smaller lobules in the palm,

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that they have received no benefit or suffered damage from venturing

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against them. The public interest demands such pro-

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' See his System of Oral Surgery, also the last edition of Dr.

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vited to be present at the ensuing meeting of the Asso-

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A patient with the opium habit, takes from two to two and one-

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ing nitric or acetic acid) is inadequate for the detection

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New York City, an unusually high mortality, even in

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Van Aernam's bill becomes a law, it will practically

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dent. It may be obtained in this city of Wiley & Halstead.

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been established by the Common Council Of that city.

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illustrating a curious and novel danger in anaesthesia

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But once did I ever see any serious injury produced

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pletely the OS uteri. With this exception, the genital

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which latter case he may examine the patient and give

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From his early boyhood, J. T. Hodgen showed signs of

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Jumbo. — It seems that the sale of Jumbo, the pet

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day) either in Pearl Street, or between that and the East River.

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and untimely action of our sister society of the great

dexilant dr 60 mg used for

six weeks ; but, one week after, it reopened, and in

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of provisions between that place and Savannah, and was in a distress-

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the glasses. This only occurred in very slight degrees.

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scribed by Mr. Seney. It will be fitted up and ready

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" While the College has no desire to fetter the opinion

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vidual statistics are not of any value, and a great doubt