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tact with the patients. His own and M. Vidal's expe-

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Local papers containing reports or news items should be marked.

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Yesterday he received a severe blow on the side of his

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mington ; and I each in Louisville, Charleston, Savan-

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for contributing to the growth of this science, should

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Whilst the humble cab-horses were standing " at ease,"

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and the facial artery is to be ligated. The maxillary

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Referring to a favorable prognosis again, he said, I

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hours by being kept at home. Dr. Thin recommends the

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world, and through them to suffering humanity, will

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they had lost their succession with their former sup-

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rise to cystitis, the inflammation extends up the ureters,

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" My period of attendance on the clinical wards having expired in

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shall find, also, in these cases, that the patients have

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limit. Cohn in some cases ^V. ^^rid in those under atro-

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are ' legally qualified ' practitioners." The President

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as the good effect of one application continues do not

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results have been obtained without special antiseptics,

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nature of the parts involved, too irritating to be borne.

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dotes which will prevent their effects. But where the

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the author could not, nevertheless, reach the bladder,

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haps it is the best, though ; at least there was a time

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also be employed with success as a dressing in foul

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tive elected president of the society, and he thought it

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notes of which appeared in the January number of the

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About 250 have already been received, and are being

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the skin. With the heated points we pierce the skin and act upon

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blister, the only visible local condition following as

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condition of cloudy swelling; a few pustules were found

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Hersey, It was votea that the sum of jt200 from the