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experiments, with a satisfactory result ; so much so that
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that there is no longer any risk of its 'communicat-
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humane and sensible people to abolish the use of these
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fidence of the past seems likely to be succeeded by
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called homoeopathy was a monstrous lie. . . . To-day
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Donald, of the Insane Asylum for Criminals, at Auburn,
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been vigorously practised, both by the health authorities,
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peritonitis, and then curetting and tincture of iodine to
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can be. And he stated that for thirteen years, when
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The slow treatment observed in hospital and private
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usual, choose one — this being indeed nominal, as the
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in its distribution of cinchona plants was that of making
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woman died before the operation was undertaken. —
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the ground by a high-soled shoe on the sound side and
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have been said of the left vocal cord. There was also
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end of his right ring-finger, on January 11, 1882, by a
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tion would consist in the assertion of their respective
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tinue for some days, there appear on the head, neck, chest, belly,'
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generally associated and may nearly always be reme-
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case), Manistee (four cases among the Poles), and at
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supply of milk in their own breasts, though it appears
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New York had no mean share in perfecting the opera-
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and pathological research, demands absolute freedom
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In 1878-79 there were 53 men in the medical class; 48
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different kinds of blood are mixed, the corpuscles of
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with the operative procedure, or with the condition
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Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and others; in fact,
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dition. None ever had any skin troubles either during
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or pearl disease, which, if not true tuberculosis, is
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both strongly favoring the operation. The former pre-
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(^i) The causes of disease are few and the manifes-
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tried; they failed as before. Recourse was again had to the tannin
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present a no less complete picture of this disorder as
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habitants. A controversy arose among the physicians in Philadelphia
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citizens, and a grand banquet by the profession and
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in all in which the amount injected had not been too
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that such enormous destruction of tissue and complete
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3. Removal may be accomplished by means of the knife, escha-
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are certainly not behind us in courage and adventure.
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be no dispute — that no person suffering from mental
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F. Cordell, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Ther-
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fore, available for them. The individual afflicted with
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connected with it ; and some diseases, with the produc-
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