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antiseptic spray produced no ill result on the cord
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dogs of similar weight (15 to 18 pounds), which would
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tenacious sputum, blood streaked, is perhaps noticed
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" certain quantity of the salts of potassium contained in the blood
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ing its proper position as a local antiseptic remedy, an
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one. Under these circumstances, it was found that the
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inoculation produced positive results in all the children
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an enlarged gland, and the further fact that the pa-
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on the organic functions, may be invoked to explain
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ing a removal, especially in cancer of the breast, as
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of the salts of caffeine proposed with this object, the
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structed to report with its list of members, the place
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rhages. It is now alleged that, with the thermo-cautery,
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under it the longest wounds will heal by first inten-
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ing to deep ulcerations of the skin, bulla: penetrat-
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For the week ending April 22, the returns of deaths
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members present, it was voted to adjourn until Wed-
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oping at the borders of the tubercle-granule and in
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1874, injected the bodies with a preservative solu-
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Ethics. These protests were referred to the Judicial
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cular ulceration of the larynx and soft palate, which
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fatigue. On forced inspiration, a stridulous sound is
vitamin d (ergocalciferol) 50000 units caps
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he and others get; and he further explains "that we