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Waters, Wm. E., Major and Surgeon. — Granted leave of ab-

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of Missouri. He had been in the very best of health,

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mented Dr. Osgood completed, shortly before his death,

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around the upper part of the calf of the leg, outside

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29 deaths in Brooklyn; 21 in the District of Columbia;

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entered, also upward, to emerge at the same place as

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invaluable adjuvant to carbolic acid — not, as Kbnig, of

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Texas State Medical Association in sustaining the dig-

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generation of the suprarenal capsules, and accompanied

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gutters and suffered to run into a sewer in Burling Slip, producing a

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cannula an oiled-silk bag ; or it might be aspirated

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demonstrated that deviation of the nasal septum, gela-

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flujnt small-pox; intercurrent diseases, as endocar-

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After all this, with all mv heart I assent to E. S. Gail-

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and meatus ; drum not seen distinctly ; no polypus.

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they wet the clothing and the upper part of the chest]

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fit to leave hospital, no opportunity is afforded of ob-

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Diseases," which met regularly, " most of the patients that had been,

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symptoms ; the diarrhoea appeared on the fourth day,

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adhesions, he had succeeded in producing the degenera-

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placements which are most easily removed. Pessaries

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ers in different sanitary organizations, but which now

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to the commanding officer for duty. — S. 0. 86, Department of the

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nature to light, and wrought a transformation in science.