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discussion it was then referred to the Section on State

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its course before it has reached the pustular stage ;

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with the desire of presenting a favorable view, may, of course, be re-

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object sought is to obtain by the union of the three a

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up into the living-rooms by the suction of hot air, if

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the lymph vesicle of Klein. And I endeavored to show

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cers, and went to Europe on a speculating tour, which has been vastly

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left the hospital, not cured, for her chorea seemed to

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i and brain become embarrassed ; and the whole train

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Society, they proceeded to do it. — St. Louis Clinical

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various operations on the kidney, and properly says,

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due solely to the knowledge that these important mea-

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as many as ten to fourteen stools a day, and has also

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useful, and, we hope, an enduring Society, had, like all

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slowly and incompletely ;■ while their results with the

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sented : From small-pox there were 6 deaths reported

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trial, as the remedy most likely to be successful, from

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by a peculiar whistling sound, but that of inspiration is

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out causing any unfavorable result. The only patient

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two inches above the apex of the internal malleolus,

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well back with the finger, and kept replaced. He left

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tion of the uterine surface of the placenta, and through

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Here we cannot forbear to refer to some of the social

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November, we observed that a portion of the shaft of the tibia had

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extends, the date of the first official report of the mortality of this