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nish a key to those wrought in the other varieties.
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diagnosis was effusion of moderate quantity into and
argely invaded, where the capsules were healthy, and
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There were symptoms of compression, and he trephined,
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that tubercle had a natural tendency to resorption.
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of potato starch, with an occasional addition of arrow-
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two cases having been reportea up to date.- Stringent
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two hundred and fifty cases of malaria treated with tinc-
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The autopsy, by Dr. Osier, revealed a large coagulum
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circumstances. — Med. and Phil. Reg., vol. 3, p. 4 IT.
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a specific for eczema in freshly-prepared animal char-
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McMunns, and he gives her bad treatment, and abuse, and hard-
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the meeting of February, 1883, and the Society will be
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collected more than forty cases {Annales des Maiadies
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You can use it with the emulsion of oil. I have used
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substance, and of the spindle cells above described.
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struments, but by a proper stimulus to the makers of
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munication from Dr. Javal, who believes that the elec-
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tract, from end to end, afterwards received the name of
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occipito-frontalis. In looking up, she would raise her
The vomiting is usually accompanied with diarrhoea,
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of convulsions or sleep, but in normal man, only the
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disease, having been so often disappointed in similar
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was slight, or was absent altogether. The author rec-
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mation as to the measures by which the three impor-
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for the co-operation of all interested in sanitary mat-
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motion of extensors of the wrist. The nerve had evi-
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herd thought that it was produced by extreme flexion
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of the Linnaean Society, remarks that " it must be re-
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be termed its last stages. The aortic valves showed
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theory is that the chlorate yields sufficient oxygen to convert the
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Antiseptic Treatment of Phthisis, by Dr. Philip, of
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day ; and, in addition, the muscles involved are stretched
At the foot of Pine Street, and near Burling Slip, also, cases of Yel-
and remedies, etc., and yet, in a line or two, opens