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sible to produce hemianzesthesia. It becomes, then, a

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One of these — selecting always the best-forme«d pustules — he broke up

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which was therefore reopened. Some pus escaped, and

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driving out, and you, son, are driving in 1 " It has

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^<r«/j, Stephen Wickes,M.D.; P. C. Barker, M.D. ; and

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tain such favorable results, or any very near approach

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also, happily succeeded in his culture experiments.

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upwards, as in Case II., and frequently occur without

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effected. As the secretion is liable to be rolled up into

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the dogma of similia similibus, he ceases to be in re-

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longed to subordinate or co-ordinate sister societies,

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degeneration of the pyramidal tract, whether it be due

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plaint was pain at the top of the head, worse towards

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turn it to either the right or the left. If I had been a

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ployed by preference in all cases requiring the sub-

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compression of the veins. I tried it in one case with

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do not so readily find place as do the successful cases.

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.Second. If any inferior or cheaper substance or sub-

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especially scarlatina and diphtheria, in all large cities.

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be satisfactory to the patient. My rule, for a consider-

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Nothing could be seen of the tumor, except the slight

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tions, there being an excellent opera and three theatres,

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Baumberger, Prof. Neuman, Docent Chiari, Prof. Dit-

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acute lung diseases, and the few deaths from diarrhceal

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jectile to some distant part, to which the nerves are

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State and county societies, and the expressed opin-

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softened in water, can be applied and kept in place till

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healing art as sanctioned and practised under our Code,

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Hydric iodide (hydriodic acid) is, also, a powerful

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ments in this method of studying the mammalian heart,

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* Reprint in the Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, p. 161.

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clammy sweat ; in alcohol narcosis it is usually warm

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of the imdersigned. When neither is accessible, remittances may

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cinal syphilis. Probably not more than ten cases of

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the course of the process is slower — the areola usually