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spring's callow doctor, and that under the old Code
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The hospital accommodations are very much increased
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The law in this regard is iron-clad, and so should be
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gality of the act. He argued that in the public schools
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perennial of the order Ranunculacece, growing in the
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was red, pupil dilated, and vision reduced to counting
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limb is now straight and useful, with good motjon at
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The small size of the speculum renders it admirably
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2. The curative treatment should not be undertaken when the local
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often improved under the most various treatment. In
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27 deaths from this cause ; then in order follow Pitts-
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until we are satisfied that this event has occurred. The
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tremely easy to introduce and gives a very distinct and
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Small-pox, like the other eruptive fevers, often so
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interest on account of the extraordinary proceedings
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for her ; she talked more quickly. The treatment had
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diachylon plaster. A coating of collodion is now ap-
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pensation begins with a dilatation which is first clearly
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motion of extensors of the wrist. The nerve had evi-
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Dr. S. L. Jepson, of Wheeling, read a paper entitled
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Pancoast was born in Burlington County, N. J., in 1805.
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acid. Enough phosphoric acid is added to the sovition
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At any rate, the resolutions will give an opportunity to
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answers should be sufficiently encouraging — say 2000
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About three months later — two years and three months
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of a billiard ball, was found between it and the aorta,
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francs. The subjects of the three essays are: i. On
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of blood, which had saturated his clothing, and spread