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plete. In the other tase, which had existed for three

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as we have seen, by changes in the thoracic organs.

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gradual increase of these diseases with the gradual ad-

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lation to our Association with, and recognition of, those

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Physical examination elicited the following condition.

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in my book, a drunken man fell in the sleep of intoxi-

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not a strong probability that the cause of this is swal-

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designate two scientists, whose duty it shall be to in-

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sufficient to justify any great extension of the accepted

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Directed eight drops of Tr. Yeratrum Yiride to be given every two

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of seventeen other cases. Of these cases, the fluid in

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firmed and explained by the recent researches of Dr.

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half months after the receipt of the injury, the pa-

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hoped, by this means, to elicit the opinion of the rep-

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was, however, found in all the other fluids examined.

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Less favorable results are obtained from stretching

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it is always wise not to conclude that your treatment

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ious parts of the United States, and that the co-opera-

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how well he is also acquainted with, and how highly

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April 19, this subject would be considered, and that it


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stance prevented the formation of the secondary pro-

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Dentistry; Frank L. Harris, D.D.S., Demonstrator of

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vessels. He refers to Goltz's work in Virchow's Archiv,

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families there were twenty-one children who had never

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the same nature as catarrhal ophthalmia, it being a

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which were united in zoogloea masses by a reddish in-

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qualified medical attendants from their own people for

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introduced into the uterus, but finding no polypus, more

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Mineral, acetic, and tartaric acids, epsom salts, phos-

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bullet in the median line of the dorsum of the tongue,

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4. The amputation of a limb for epilepsy is a barbarous act, the

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22, 1882, exhibited some microscopic specimens showing

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to which attention was called, occurred in a man in

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full of certificates of cure written by himself. He ad-

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and he thinks that it would be well if we could abandon