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of the calvaria were separated from each other, espe-

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fifteen minutes after the administration of the poison; and

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with cow's milk alone is dangerous. I do not permit it.

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sire to be informed of the present views of the Medical

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forms of chronic nephritis. Bright offered no explana-

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during the year, 89 removals, 85 suspensions, 54 with-

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proofs of his system as a whole. He continued to de-

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desirable to bring to the notice of the profession.

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ing resolutions, introduced by Dr. Benj. F. Kittrell,

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cial results to be anticipated from it are, on the con-

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this proviso, I have never seen any ill effects from uterine injections;

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etc., as well as the disease germs adherent to them,

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which free discussion is permitted; and we cannot but rejoice that a

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short intervals, the patient revived to some extent.

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Museum of Zoology, I found Professor Esmarck in attendance, for the

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the tympanum, is involved in the inflammatory process.

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were produced, its presence in the urine coming from

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eminent ophthalmologist, has been erected in Berlin,

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constructing a brace — paper, linen, thin sheep-skin,

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country, a memorial professorship of pathological an-

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more successful than we should have thought possible. It puzzles us

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space as the quantity necessary. In favor of the evapo-

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further reported the death of a Fellow of the Academy,

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count of its rapid contraction, sutures of the uterus

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circumstances should they be used where ulceration of

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from the Mississippi River, and in notifying such ves-

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the fundus can be seen fairly well. The lens, which is

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similar circumstances ; letting any infected house, or

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rately from the centre of the ring. Sometimes I have

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In cartilage of this kind we have a tissue in which

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implies a mere surface change. I propose to borrow a

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whose brains have not been destroyed. — British Med.

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