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Graves, of Dublin, first described this disease which is
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seven days prostration occurred, but no worse result.
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Evidently it would be very uncomfortable, if not im-
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ville, Indianapolis, and Nashville. There have been
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to take the virus from a vaccine pustule for the pur-
voriconazole therapeutic drug monitoring in patients with invasive mycoses
" I am no longer the unterrified, bold operator as you
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M. Du Castel [Journ. de Med. et de Chirg. Prat., De-
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the Report on Surgery a paper entitled. Contributions
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E. Mendel, Privat Docent in the University of Berlin,
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this was opened, thick pus welled up from the canal,
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of the subject ; but the body presents the appearances
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examined from within. Mercier says that the diagnosis
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numerous abscesses, varying in size from a millet-seed
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what larger than a base-ball. The measurement (cir-
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ered the voluntary motions of the face and lips as pro-
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on its conclusion, to report by letter to the Surgeon-General. — S. O.
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on Ethics appointed by the North Carolina State Medi-
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affections. He estimated that about twenty per cent,
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eral enlargement when compared with hearts of other
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teresting. There will also be an exhibition of surgical
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proper temperature for several months, and then in-
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reason based on exact knowledge of the diseased con-
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noises are to be carefully excluded; the monotonous
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13 is borrowed from the illustrations of the Toner Lec-