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I REPORT the following case for two reasons : First,
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pustules, small ulcers made their appearance, and subsequently, the
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Do you know any substitute for the habit as thus used ? By
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Following the reading of this paper, there was an in-
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4. A greater portion of perfect vision is obtained than
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that the catheterism of the air passages is especially useful; as it is
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that she had thought nothing more of the matter, but
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have no g^eat praise to bestow. Both are declared to
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manual is a condensed abstract of the German litera-
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of surgery in the Jefferson Medical College, succeeding
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Voted, That in the opinion of this Board it is not ad-
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a regular pustule, identical in all its characters with
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I Transactions State Board of Health, Connecticut, 1881.
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of 8,624 fathers was the United States ; that of 426
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he recommends for similar cases. As a first stage of
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given in recognition of a life-long devotion to physio-
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at the Pathological Hall, upon the "puerperal state," commencing
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Orleans ; 4 in Detroit ; and i each in Davenport, Au-
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merely foot-baths, and in addition to the temperature
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large quantities of milk preserved with it, and as yet
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a hospital in connection with its college building. It
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In September, 181 1, the first three professors were ap-
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to a temperature of 80°, and saturated with moisture,
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the Judicial Council reported that careful examination
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He therefore introduced beneath the skin of rabbits
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appreciable fluctuation, and it appeared pretty cer-