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Capt. Wm. H. King, Assistant Surgeon, Fort McHenry, Md.
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recovery, on the theory of indirect or reflex influences,
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The effect is not observed if the current passes for five
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as well as in the digestion of carbonaceous foods, in
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having given excellent results in controlling iritic and
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cal investigation. Any apparent carelessness on the
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broadly intimates that they are consequently frauds
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transportation. It is tightly corked in half-quart and
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the conviction that in carotid compression we possess
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a murmur occurring with the first sound of the heart
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in rich but unwholesome soils. This naturally led to
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stimulants, and the inhalation of aluminized spray. He
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sea-shore in alluvial soils there is a water line below
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stances? Or is this high mortality only incidental to
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circumstances should they be used where ulceration of
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That the Board of Trustees, while regretting its neces-
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