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Their relation to the process of the general disease is a
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But not every case of multiple sclerosis begins with
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can Medical Association to the late International Medi-
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of the use of atropia in testing satisfactorily the actual
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except peptone) is to acidulate the urine with acetic
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but still, from the standpoint of the general practitioner,
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ficate, or, in this country, by the certificate of the Ob-
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not to be looked for in the majority of cases. From
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any serious escape of venous blood into the systemic
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ing of the Board of Trustees of the Jefferson Medical
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" My situation excited much sympathy in the Town of Salem, (N.
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of another physician, did very well for three weeks,
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of the skin between the diseased spots on the hand and
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regular symmetrical system of nerves, originating from
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Letters, whether written for publication or private information,