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Europe. That in the case of the library, whose collec-

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the views of Dr. Cole as to the principles concerned in

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you, as young physicians, can gain more credit, for

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of far less reduction, and we think it unfortunate that

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of two or three days is left between the sittings, so as

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May to July ; but then the patient retrograded, not-

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nerves ; namely, the thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves

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to submit herself at once to treatment, and to persevere

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must be considered as — in short, the more you know of

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tality among infants is enormous, it is proposed to in-

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seen that the treatment in Syversdatter extended over a year. This,

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to leave his official work upon the third and last volume

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gradually subtdded, and in a few days the pulse was

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of cold water, iced compresses, or the ice-bag to the

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Diphtheria is less prevalent in Boston and Philadel-

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symptomatic, according as they are considered to depend on general

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tula; (2) to the retention in Morgagni's pockets of tuber-

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died. Keller seems to have been the first (1872) to

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were married, 138 were single, and in 54 persons the

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of the sores, but more especially to charge her system with potash

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absence of a proper supply of the original Jennerian

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the sense-centres for common sensibility results in

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nervous and apparently suff'ering considerable pain.

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7 in Buffalo; 3 each in Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, and

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membered that the mortality has been in spite of the

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ment. The best one is the blunt steel curette. There is a

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