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with small-pox three or four days after arriving in the

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physiological function of the peritoneum, and advanced

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of the animals were preserved several months, remain-

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size, so that the anterior third of the cord and its free

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the Marine Hospital. It commenced on the 5th of September. The

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bers that have forfeited their membership. Adopted.

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ular conjunctiva, producing the cupped appearance of

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physician, a homoeopathist, and a botanical doctor,

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grounds, he believes the poison to be particulate, and

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cal composition of the secretion thus collected, and the

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The inferences to be drawn are : i. That farinaceous

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who was in the habit of seeing the patient. — London

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with great difficulty, and only after a hard struggle, and

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that bones are comminuted, muscles reduced to a pulp,

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laid the foundation of the present meeting, which has

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time. The phosphate of soda has been recommended in

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the far west and the Pacific coast. In Chicago and, to

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the Soci6t6 M6dicale des Hopitaux, held on February

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by a small pillow between the legs. An injection of a

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The highest authority on this subject, Mr. Ceely, of

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while no evidence was obtained as to the absorption

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has been very prevalent in West Unity, Williams Co.,

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allowed to escape, and access to the firemen thereby

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against interference in cases of fracture unless symp-

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amounting to nearly ^3300, besides subscriptions from

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The only other treatment was by local application of gly-

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advantage in some cases ; and when middle-ear changes