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and Parasitology, at the appropriate laboratory supply store. New tickets must be pur-

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atrophies when it is separated from the cell body and its cell nucleus, or when

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fingers, as a whole, are thickened, particularly at the joints. Almost always

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cord. These symptoms of motor irritation of the cord are in a certain sense,

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who haye been studying at this Hospital for a period less than twelve

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The Federal Examinations vn MedUine. — At B&le (Basel) examinations are

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awarded annually after examination in Medicine, Surgery, and Diseases-

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desirous of becoming Ordinary Members of the Surgical Society of

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Julius Mosher Coon, A.B., Assistant in Pharmacology.

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certain groups of muscles paralyzed, to which E. Eemak first called attention.

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and Ezoognosia. Third Yean General Pathology and Pathogical

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28. Atropin (Belladonna). — Dryness of the mouth and throat. Excessive

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nerves. In conclusion, we must mention that, according to Goltz's experi-

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by heredity at birth. The movements of little children who are learning to

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