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year since by myself, had been followed by a severe and protracted attack

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contracted its circle of action, in proportion as it penetrated more deeply. Solid

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scarlatina; his face was much flushed, and he was drowsy and peevish;

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for the cause of the sounds at the base of the organ.

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this suspension Ipd to a wider dissemination of the disease, and to a greater

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portion from which a copious discharge of pus issues; says he has no recol-

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* In another report, it is stated as an opinion of our author, that arsenic or anti-

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be performed on all patients exhibiting glycosuria,

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of one to two years. I doubt if this is justifiable

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opalescent. The blood corpuscles are changed in various ways

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Capsula Renales. M. Andral Jr., found one of the supra renal capsules

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"The submuscular fascia, like the conjunctival, passes also from one muscle

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It has been remarked by Dr. EUiotson, that when the disorder is confined to

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Winne and Pratt. I was not present at the examination.

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cleanliness. A self-administered shampoo as often as

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primarily from Egypt. The transit of the disease, too, from east to

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cBscharged from the lazaret. It was at Sulina, situated near the

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persons are sometimes improved hj removal from low to high locali-

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Capillary ecchymoses on the thymus gland, the left lung, the inner

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the distal extremity of each toe is gone, the disease attacks the other

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first, of drying up the dental pulpe very promptly, that is to say, in two or

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tonsil, or adenoid body, is situated upon the back wall

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mucous cellular tissue was so much hypertrophied and indurated as seemingly

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many children (there is always some laceration of the j

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rub a little sweet oil or vaselin into the scalp to take the

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— ^the latter so peculiarly calm — ^than in actual temperature.

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heart disease. As a matter of fact, the victim of heart

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must be equally avoided, as producing that tumultuous action of the organ, and

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in any part of the southern districts of Hpaiu at this time. Cholera had already

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been recently shown, of the lungs, yet it rarely injures the

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"It is well known that in former times sympathetic blindness was