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marked improvement in about 24 hours and the diarrhea had cleared on the second
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the climates of different localities at the same altitude, so that a further
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When bids are solicited for supplying disinfectants they should
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cells, it would appear to be necessary to adopt a phraseology which
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times and perhaps seems a little uneasy or a trifle ill; the tem-
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of food. We must then be contented to keep the sugar as low as possible,
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There are usually hemorrhages into the conjunctival or nasal
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He had from time to time given instruction in these wards, but he
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within the endemic area, covering, within a limited time, one, more,
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intraperitoneal injection of 5 c.c. of the extract. Only one animal presented
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made to yield direct and exact evidence on the influence of aggre-
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Long a martyr to rheumatism. Sir James was about two months
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presence in excess. Lactic acid is found in sweat, and the natural
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provement in the health which has of late years taken place, is
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salts in a glass of warm water daily, generally on an empty stomach.
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of absorbing or destroying complement. With this fact in mind,
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and so has omitted those drugs which have not been sanctioned by this
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800-1000 c.c. (l%-2 pt.) in 24 hours should be given. Oertel explains
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effect of a high altitude has been proved by Schaumann and Rosenqvist,
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stricted by it. A more free division of the sac and its neck was
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calculus was removed by him from a lad set. 17, by the ordinary
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the United States and throughout the world, and their rights
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the palate of the individual patient, and (2) be, in themselves, strength-
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F.K.S.E., Surgeon to the Edinburgh Rojal Infirmary.
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some parts contained extravasations of blood. On microscopic ex-
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pilosis of the fibrine of that fluid, which, so far as coagulation was
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ing Medical Act, the present Council is essentially well constituted, it does not
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precipitin reactions with vegetable proteins, finding, in contradiction to Kowarski,
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On the 25th of January last, I was in attendance on Mrs , a
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Danger of Tepid Baths. — Although in compensated lesions tepid baths
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or meat, such as calves' brains or chicken finely minced and passed
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uterine haemorrhage. The patient's age was 42. The present was