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of subacute bacterial endocarditis in the bacteria-free stage that
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forty-two years of cancer of the stomach, and a third one at forty-
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has been accustomed by repeated trials to keep the tongue quiet while the
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mother's death was her fault. She feared to face her mother's
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encephalitis as occurring in various infectious, diseases including
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Dogs 15 A and B, weighing respectively 11 and 10.3 kg., were given 4 c.c.
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was produced by the subcutaneous injection of 10 c.c. of horse
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to feel himself all powerful as regards the gratification of his wishes.
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cal character in a great measure to the kind of food taken. This
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CHARLES A. LUZENBERG, M. D. Professor of the Principles and Prac-
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which have no effect upon the muscle of these organs from normal
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extent. On the sixteenth day a third and most alarming hemorrhage took
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cumstances, or in other words, that coagulation goes on more slowly in an in-
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ney, they were cases of lesion of function in the spine, unaccompanied by any
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able of control. The one salient fact which has to be kept constantly
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stricture. The bulb is usually arrested near the upper end of the
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In these circumstances it might evidently be supposed that it was the inflam-
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internal cavity or organ find their way to the surface through an ab-
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Under local anesthesia, on May 2, Dr. L. W. Dean introduced a broncho-
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to this the patient has gone to his business daily. There is no evidence
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by, as there was no convenient room in the neighbourhood for making the exami-
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a substance able to cause a complete cure of cancer. The aim of
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• " The different states of the chyle according to the difference of the food are of course not taken
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activity of the spleen, etc., have to be taken into account, it is not
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so on the external as the internal surface. W^hite deposit in diffused patches
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or better still, the porte of Professor Gibson may be employed. The latter instrument is
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other words, a crossed tolerance seems to exist between the depres-
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form an accurate estimate of the situation or amount of disease. You may
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The following are the inferences drawn by M. Breschet, from an
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Art. XV. — Recherckes Jlnatomiquesf Paihologiques, et Therape.utiques sur la
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changes, for in the larger ones a proliferation of the surrounding
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tlie natural quantity of fluid an increased impulse is exercised. Such at least
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This case, therefore, supports what may be called the orthodox
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claimed by Mr. Chase; 5th. The notes of cases observed bj the
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th< pro]>onion of males boni to females is as 17 to 10.
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quently Mistaken for Gout and Rheumatism. Trans. Coll. Phys., Philadelphia,
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experience, 'i'hese objections he stated to be, 1st, that the diseased bone
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catamenia, which had continued two days, ceased last evening, and the dis-
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a (lay. Concurrently with these means, the shower bath, and a
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the foreign body and not behind it. It is the continual irritation
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cured. The fact being circulated in his neighbourhood, blocks, in
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solution in alcohol. The amount was gauged by noting how much
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its own laboratory?" Thanks to Purkinje's clear vision and his
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L. S. Noticed a bluish tinge in her face and hands three years
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from another method of examination converts their suspicions
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December 24, benzol treatment was begun with twelve drops