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faces, and the softened exudate in the air-cells gives rise to subcrepitant

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relaxed, the temporal artery assumes a dendritic form as in arterio-

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tion and disinfection. In this way alone can serious errors be avoided. .

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the rapidly accumulating heat. A heat stasis ensues, just as it does in

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after several applications of the steam. After one or two minutes

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There are two substances causing convulsions, — potash and

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flomax and avodart

cally and without prejudice, a clew to many misapprehended phenom-

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to contain undigested particles of food, epithelial debris, blood-corpus-

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General Features. — The Fever. — As I have already stated, the fever

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however, suggests that the meningococcus and the pneumococcus are

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overdistention of the bowels. Although it is somewhat complicated,

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it may be prevented entirely. The cold procedure is most efficient for

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not rare as a remnant of the acute form when the latter arises during