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an essential difference between the two methods of immunisation ; and since,

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uncommon if they occur at all in active infections.

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epidermis, and therefore develops on those parts which are richly provided

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the more conservative course is based upon the fact that since

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0.1 N thiosulfate from a 25 ml burette until the iodine color fades

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bourn give the following directions for making a bacteriological examina-

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for which there is so prompt a remedy ; and this knowledge is

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disposition of his mind, those mental and moral qualities that had

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their marriage. A man and his wife, the former aged thirty-nine

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the specific gravity should be adjusted after 24 to 48

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sils may be obtained aseptically and used for examination.

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Indeed, the patient submitting to this treatment ought to be

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without difficulty. The diet was rearranged and balanced

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1.058, 1.064, and 1.070) one can measure whole blood gravities to

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as to whether each attack is caused by the same or by a different

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rather than epidemic prevalence of the malady. Very young children

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not least to the patient whose disposition and care rest upon our

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of the testimony given and the decisions rendered, must be

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tissue are usually present. The internal organs are congested, and the

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of the face. Urine and faeces were passed in the bed ; food and