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relieved by dividing the prepuce. This aggravation of the mischief does

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" Dr. Beck, in a note to his chapter on Legitimacy, Ed. 5, p. 331, says he is ' pecu-

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been, to hold with Dr. Cross no shadow of intercourse, direct or indirect.

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blood, it is believed, has never been distinctly treated of by any author, as a

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temperature ranging from 103 to 97 F., being an extreme of ft

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of the electrometer "to see the degree of electricity indicated; and when he

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Dr. a. B. Summkbs, Omaha, presented a paper on this sub-

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was not bacteriological W examined as the case may have been one

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after a day or two of rest. It may be observed in this

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keeping as secretary of that organization. In this paper. Dr.

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— as " a useful sketch for young men about commencing the study of medi-'

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Hartford. Conn., and V. E. Turner, Raleigh. N. C.^'^-'iat IV-

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L. Renick, corresponding secretary, and Dr. Thomas A. Grigg,

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tient it was present for over seven years, but if there be real

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vise medical supervision of the Chinese hospital, other than

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"of importance in medical jurisprudence;" and a portion of its importance

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non-payment of dues, dropped from the rolls of the same, shall

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sinH together under the influence of such unavailing struggles, unless rescued from it

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of a plague hospital, a mortuary and a detention camp.

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and all recovered. Two were chronic disease of the ccecum, and both fatal.

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ficient; he prefers the fountain syringe. For an anterior

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tions of gelatin have the same eiTect. In two -cases, however, °

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in pill form. The percentage of fat lost in the stools of the

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disease, for it may happen that the latter has been of long or short duration ;

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Faraday's work on Chemical Manipulation, and Reid's Practical Chemistry."

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great majority of cases of amaurotic idiocy occur in Jewish

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most difficult questions to answer — the natural suggestion

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ficial immunity, which he called "phylaxins." According

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left nothing is left but the thumb. It is a case in which

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activity — a contentment with the passive reception of instructions offered

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for wages are high and food is abundant and cheap. They

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her upon her appearance. She slept in a room with two other servants.

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country should feel indAted for their intelligent and zealous

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Dr. Sigmond was of opinion that the case related by the president was an

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of the therapeutic use of the disinfecting power of boric acid

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Heart. — Externally, the right ventricle, in a space of two inches in

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wounded eye of powders of calomel and while sugar, blown into the eye