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A second case : It is hardly conceivable that a school-teacher

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several months. The mother was sure that some food was

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in spite of the dilatation, persists, and the woman is still pos-

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profuse sweatings, lasting for several days. A slight elevation of tempera-

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attention should be drawn. The letter of the minister of public

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actual inconsistency. It is evident, from the context, that the

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Vol. I. forms the January number of Wood's Library. It is a

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resume of the most recent methods of treatment in the great

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in a lead or glass pipe which is connected with a good

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such drugs as iron and quinine, iodide of iron, chloride of calcium, and

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the urine is either deficient in quantity or in the amount of

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with methyl alcohol and hydrochloric acid.) Mix the

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the mass was found to be carcinoma. The right lung was

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when he was suffering from a grippe-like attack seems very

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may, but the feces does not, contain plague bacilli. In the pneu-

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from the clamp, an iron rod 6 or 8 millimeters in diameter

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dilated. A full stream of leucocytes causes an ever-increasing infarction

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are not parasitic. Thus the pneumococcus is frequently found on the

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tanned parts of one or two human skins obtained in the dissect-

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illustrate its close relation to the red granular kidney, and to

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of urine loaded with albumin ; after this there was total suppression till

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enlargement of spleen or kidneys. No edema. The Wasser-*

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hours fixation (depending on the size of the specimen)

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our scientific knowledge in medicine have been attained." The

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An acute, specific, very infectious febrile disease, especially of infancy and

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distinguished — (a) exudative, and (b) proliferative.

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lung or portions of both. An entire lung and as much as two-thirds of the

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described illustrating various types of deformity of the QRS

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the part of the superintendent to take the responsibility of dis-

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This is practicable in any school, to judge by the extensive