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the diet directed toward the reduction of the obesity or by increased
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of the patient, which occurred a fortnight after its onset.
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in massive quantities when there are old age, aniemia, and atonic
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state of nutrition and strength of the patient, the character of the
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Although seldom acutely painful these nodes may cause marked
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white bread, containing 55 per cent, of starch, and sometimes Albert
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ence upon the x^^tient's future. When without physiological or
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Emetics, in the early stage relax the spasmodic condition and may
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phenomenon had for long been denied; cells, evidently the proliferated
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Many sensitive men, who occupy positions of great responsibility,
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are situated in the scrotum and suspended by the spermatic cords-
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Lefiferts, George M., M.D., clinical professor, 152, 187.
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attempts to eliminate these purulent products by absorbing them
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Sexual Organs. — The sexual organs also suffer from the excessive
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prove fatal from inability to unload the alimentary canal promptly
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amount of carbohydrate of the food and that of the sugar in the urine)
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patient. The disease is caused by contagious germs which gain ad-
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tence ; leaving at his death in 1875 an estate of nearly
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majority of cases, besides coffee and tea, plain water, sugar water,
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Eronounced headache, nausea, and vomiting, and in the rarity of marked
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cream of tartar, are excellent to relieve the thirst.
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diseases it is often very obstinate and persistent.
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conforms to its shape is quite soft, of a white and gray color, known
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the urine, causing that peculiar and fatal disease known as diabetes.
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HosACK. — Inaugural Discourse at the opening of Rutgers Medi-
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exact nature of which could not be anticipated. Ex-
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(Edema of the glottis is a serious manifestation which might be classed as a
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an objection to the uric-acid theory of gout, since saturnism is a well-
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But in addition to. a suitable soil we must have the cultivation of
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for receiving and disposing of the venous blood, prevents too great
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delicate muscles which open and close the lids involuntarily, as in
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during the day the usual and perhaps more than ample meals, but
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Among the subjects of the arthritic diathesis it is a common thing
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troubles. It is a fact that a great many young persons neglect their
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existence of diabetes, leucorrhoea, uncleanliness, or the presence of
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line of descent. We have seen that the disease itself often reappears