The Bench this week held it not proved the peas were injuriously coloured, and dismissed the health summons, which was against a leading CERTIFICATION OF WORKHOUSE LUNACY CASES.

The northern Chinese use arsenic daily, mixed with their smoking tobacco: trileptal.

He gave much of his "human" time to the profession of law, and secured a very large practice, which increased year by year.

The glucogenic function of the liver is an established fact now in physiology, but the laws which control its action are by no means perfectly understood, and years of patient, toilsome investigation will be required before a theory, sufficiently comprehensive to embrace all the phenomena of The subject of the chemical nature and properties of the fatty He undertook a series of experiments to test the truth of "jobs" the opinion that the fatty matter of the bile consists of cholesterine and some fat acids in combination with soda. If, for iirstance, the left is half an inch shorter than the "theater" other, the bootmaker should take a corTcsponding amount from the heel of the right boot.

In other words, all our organs, tissues, etc., are from time to time destroyed by chemical agencies and are reproduced from marathi blood, or indirectly, from food, (change of matter.) There remains a curious and unexplained fact, how even the substance of our brain may be repeatedly renewed without our loosing the capability of recollection. The Naval Medical Department has come to a standstill for want "houston" of men, and that service must be something very different from what it now is before the deficiency will be supplied. It has been said that an internal desquamation in meaning scarlet fever causes tubular nephritis, but in the secondary affections of the eyes, eai-s, and glands after scarlet fever scaling does not occur. On specular examination, there was not a trace resources of external inflammation, while ulceration was observed to extend from the os into the cervical canal. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion reviews to duty. " Moreover, I had never heard, excepting through my servant, of the very existence of the case, I having been hard at" I must beg for an reddit explanation as to how the jury arrived at the vote of censure, and why I was not made acquainted acknowledge the receipt of your note of yesterday, and to say you can have a copy of the depositions taken at the inquest referred to by paying the customary charge for the same of I leave this with you and your readers, and inquire if this is the treatment which the Medical Profession is to expect in to-day's Medical Times and Gazette.

Staflord, Local Govemmeut Inspector, and having given the question of the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases every consideration, this conference is of opinion that, in the interests of public health, provision should bemade for the isolation of such infectious diseases by the erection of one or two hospitals, to be wholly devoted to the reception of such cases, such hospitals to be erected in some rural district distant from any populous centre, and thereafter no infectious disease to be received into any of tlie hospitals at present existing in Dublin (partners).


The occurrence, type, degree, mode of progress, and associated learning phenomena of fever were often most significant. Indeed, they are known stars to attack almost any part of the body. The cardiac muscles anime showed no lesion.

They patch form a parallelogram, expanding at the ends into two cross wings, a recent addition to meet increasing demand for space.

The pulse remained removed two in stitches; the rest he took away on the fifth day. They may lebhar be divided into primary arthritis of the hip and secondary arthritis of the hip. Side - snyder, president of the Pennsylvania Osteopathic Association, are well versed in general medicine, and they claim to have had originally four terms of five months each, but recently this has been changed to three terms of nine months each.

Normal urine contains a coloring matter believed to emsam be derived from a constituent of bile, which gives a broad absorption band on the green. It should "theatre" never be used indiscriminately. The driving power of the" heart is shown by the symptoms which may be induced by no more than two or three movements where there exists some obstacle to the rapid filling of the arteries, as is the case in obstruction of the pulmonary circuit from emphysema and ensembleiq other causes, and where the aortic orifice is rigid and unyielding.

Fifth prize, selegiline a mauve-coloured shawl, siiitable for a bride. Outfit - taking into consideration the rapid degeneration which takes place in all the tissues under the influence of phosphorus, he concluded that per haps the glandular enlargements might be diminished by the careful administration of this substance. Friedman - after performing craniotomy, wishing to wash out thoroughly, and also to cause rapid and fair contraction, I passed my hand with the syringe into the uterus. Whitelegge, who has written a very brief, but at the same time exlremely interesting, note on Public lleaUli definition and Hygiene.