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' rising quite up into his throat ; from which he dreaded immediate

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Typhus Fever. — Claude B. Ker, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., Physician Superintendent, City


Oxalic Acid not only acts as a corrosive, but it also exercises a special

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badly adapted artificial plates or crowns. The disease in its earlier stages

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cancerous after arsenic had long ceased to be taken has been noted by

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oppose no other weapons than those which he denominates facts, and the

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Whole number of deaths in Boeton, for the week ending April 14,37. SUlea, 13— Females, 14.

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for, in his day. Dr. Dover had attempted to introduce the practice of

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during exertion, or unusual flexion of the thigh, a small portion of in-

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notably, more particularly chronic cirrhotic disease of the kidney and

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lima perfeetly uiiiforai and regukr, and from a aing^ ceotse, as io the

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stomach in an acid solution ; the solution dissolves coagulated albumen,

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condition of health or disease of the contained organs. When teeth are

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British public has, unfortunately, learned to apply the terms " rubbing " to

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turer on Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and Children, in New

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• and is generally inversely related to the mental and physical robustness of

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15. Weiss. Volkmann's Vortrage, 1880. — 16. Horsley. Proc. Roy. Soc. 1884-5, vol. xxxviii.

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The Subscribers having been appointed Agents for the sale of the above instrumentsi all orders

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of silver. The intestinal hemorrhage, which often occurs in the course

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and presented all the appearances of natural caries — the tubules broken up

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writers at the present day. The role of toxines in the production of

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be supposed, for when he was going from Bougia to Algiers, in 1808, by

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unconsciousness. At the time of the seizure he may be in the factory.

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properly be combined with other remedies, and there is a pill which

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must be addressed, i»o«C-patd. It is also published in Monthly Parts, each Part containing the weekly

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post-mortem in cases in which no abnormal constituents were noted in the

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ex aqua pura ; deinde spissa leni calore. Fiat massa. Signa, pilula

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" changelings " of whom our folk tales are so full, and whose existence

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certain temperature. Water should not have a less heat than 120° F.,

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Fupil Phenomena. — The attention of the physician may be attracted

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anything towards the construction of another edifice, we have no means

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sense) the patient is obliged to grasp the pen between the middle and ring

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hospital is in the care of the "sisters of charity," who devote the*

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I have used the seeds before and since that time, successfully, for the

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by their connection with blood-vessels, and in small vessels may form a

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cluded, and said to him, as 1 was not present myself to see how well be

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the former department. I am much pleased with the college, and think

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sonian, in the city of New York, has been declared guilty, by a jury, of

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