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treatment, though short, are excellent. Of his speculations

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and the green fields, the shady woodsand the meandering streams where you sport-

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the sensorial ganglia) ; and those ideas may have other particular

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brance : " For love is of God." — 1 John iv. 7 ; and " Love is strong as death."

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But if much mercury has been taken into the system, pain is felt in the bones be-

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doctrine upon this point is fallacious and without good foundation — the practised one

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iUustration of this important subject. The form of the fever is not

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the German Ointment, and use a well-adjusted Shoulder-brace.

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to a lack of attention to details in carrying it out, and I purposely

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Drs. P. Kersten, and Ed. Friedrich, of Dresden. Schmidfs Jdhrb.,

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globin percentage of the patient at the different blood examina-

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smallpox in that country, which reflects the highest credit upon

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belonging to the class " tremores." " The case bore a general resemblance to those

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were suddenly and involuntarily propelled by some spasm of the

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a few fine acne spots on the back with a small pigmented mole

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very properly asks, adverting to Government aid in the way of

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'and the vast depths of the mighty seas, that he may gather costly jewels, furs, and

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admission to the port, and, being refused leave to enter, were forced

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To return now to the chapters on mental physiology and

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Theprincipa ces which have claimed attention, both for food

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all other symptomatic changes of the optic nerve and its vessels

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known as optic neuritis, and recognise its coexistence with me*

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investigation of all particulars, with precision and fulness.

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murders, although not the hundredth part of those committed, nor the thousandth.

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thought, underestimated, owing to the illegal practice of inocu*

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terior vertical temporal border. There is a notable absence of

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times. Upon this case, and others somewhat similar, Mr.

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Full- term, normal birth, breast fed to date, slight jaundice

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has one of the finest harbours in the world, from which fact,

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own streams, the debris of the public slaughterhouse, and the

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the same admission. It was a saying of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius to Galen,