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we incorporate prisms into our glasses, and if so, of what
body defense by destroying the ameboid functions of the cells."
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becomes pronounced, and is evidenced by such symptoms as sr/ficojye,
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independent affection by the inhalation of hot air, highly irritative sub-
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an increase in the small lymphocytes at the expense of the polynuclear
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may be an utter absence of signs, and, though there is weakness, this
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stage extends over a period varying from months to even as long as
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Prognosis. — Bilateral cystic disease of the kidney must eventually
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and constipation usually alternates with diarrhea, the stools in some
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loud that there are too many medical schools and too many doctors,
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the other hand, the virulence is decreased or attenuated as the result of
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cles normally acting in unison are e(iually stimulated (innervated) for
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sound, due to the increased tension in the pulmonary vessels that
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salol, benzo-naphtol, and naphthalin. To these may be added the fol-
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sided unilateral wrist-drop in a man who w^orked in lead with his right
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When cardiac dilatation and myocardial degeneration (fatty) are the
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inhalation, and alkaline sprays (g. g. lime-water). Pilocarpin was em-
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hysteric somnolence, Itysteric trance) of varying degrees of intensity; this
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lung. Its most common cause is traumatism, especially penetrating
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kidney and suppurating new growths, as carcinoma and cysts (includ-
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pressed. It is dark, the specific gravity is increased, and it contains
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dulness is uniformly increased, extending in some instances as low as
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The subject of impotence has seldom been treated in this country in the truly scientific
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are stimulated to rapid and asymmetrical development. The source of
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to those similarly affected in midsummer while working in places not
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certain institutions and certain localities (e. g. eastern end of Long
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nomonic. They may also be covered with mucus. Ewald distinguishes
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strength and health of the collective higher-intellectual centres presiding
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less many instances of true secondary pleurisy are regarded as belong-
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knowledge of the eye and its refractive media is supplemented
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rarity. In the descending portion the swelling, when present, is in the
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areas of superficial erosion, though this must not be confounded with
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The pathology of the condition is unknown. Rarely symptoms
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had, for his time, of chemistry. Berzelius, the greatest chemist
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and ammonium carbonate). x\scites and cardiac asthenia, when occurring
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ticular case. In either case the cut should be outward, upward and
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layer), and is frequently associated with rheumatism in other parts of the
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not catch cold. The diet must not be increased to solids too sud-
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men, and athletes). (2) Constant over-distention of blood-vessels, as in
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lemons daily or oranges and other fruits suffice to work a surprising de-