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character of the hallucinations and delusions, all these form a picture
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been acted upon, and the pest appears to be spreading more rapidly
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Irritants : Mineral Acids and Vegetable Acids, Oxalic Acid, Cantharides,
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of the thigh ; when they take their fixed point from the femur they
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gives rise to modifications in the appearance of the cast, to which special
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thrust in and out of the mouth and is almost sure to be badly cut. The
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region, and, through the external land internal plantar nerves, of those
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fatal. In 42 cases, in which it was performed for chronic disease, 24
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* In children it is often almost impossible to make practical test as to the reaction
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onset of tubercular meningitis is more gradual, the irritative stage is
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cords. Such outgrowths become thickened and nodular, and undergo
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ovoid micrococcus which exists in the white blood- corpuscles and whose
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Examination of the blood shows almost invariably a leukocytosis,
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irregular mass, and pseudo-neuromata, various heterologous growths,
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ofbenest of the right lung, and in one-half of the cases it is the only