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portion of bloody mucus, often of pure blood, and attended with

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lism; but when she was placed in the strange conditions of a metabo-

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On motion, Resolved, That a copy of the revised Fee Bill be

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form a distinctive characteristic. The earlier eruptions are generally the

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were negative. All were subjected to the same conditions. For

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Paralysis, infantile spinal, differential diagnosis,

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antiprotein reactions. The following experiment represents a type

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from this procedure must have been slight, and fairly uniform for

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consider and report upon the expediency, and if in their judgment

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sprinkled with water, during the middle of the day, in very hot wea-

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otlicr class. Among savage nations and hard-working women it is unknown

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Physicians have, unfortunately, made a faulty diagnosis, and have

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characteristic features of the disease. For his pi^rt, Dr. H. had not

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that dies within a few days. Finally, an apparently healthy child is born.

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serpiginous edges. This recurred for many months. There was

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ing to the nervous excitement. An ounce of sulphate of magnesia

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was postponed until the afternoon session, inasmuch as

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hemorrhagic diathesis may be established. The urine is pale, contains

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overcome the acquired or hereditary neurotic tendencies of the patient by

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complexion take one pill every night. As a purgative ^^k

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dicine, there are many ways to the haven of health and no two

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especially in the early stages of the disease. He has, however, re-

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similar organisms which may be the dominant type of pneumococcus

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stages of headache, delirium, and coma. Premonitory symptoms, such as

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outgrowth of the experience of the Examining Committee

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to carelessness on the part of the patient. The data at hand suffice to

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report this case, was the improvement in an old acne rosacea about the

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of maximum rate of growth may be explained by one or the other of

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year, but besides this he has had no marked sickness until 4 years ago when he

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rest in bed the temperature fell to normal, after which the fifth and then the sixth

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mixed with a little water, the baneful effect of which was observed