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is nothing to distinguish between these two classes of cases when once

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a. The usual site is the abdominal wall or inner thigh.

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Brit. Journ. Dermatol, iii. p. 271. Morris, Malcolm. Diseases of the Skin, 1894,

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objectives are lOx, 43x, and 95x; the 1.9mm is used in

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3, 4, or 6. It cannot be maintained — 1, that he did not appreciate that

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then the successive contractions are repeated more and more rapidly

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and in a quarter of an hour they are wholly different beings. Their

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inflammation. Recrudescences or relapses were a common feature of

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there may be in favus, as in ringworm, more than one species of parasite.

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doctors have tried it with me in Oireland but it niver stayed

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opportunities for such exercise are rare for those who suffer most from

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rectus of the left eye, a spasm which subsided as soon as he stared less

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Definition. — Single or multiple, yellow or brownish pigmentary

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(2) That night terrors occur during the best of health, whilst night-

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dermatological flora is very extensive and difficult to study; indeed

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child-bearing at twenty-five or thirty, marriage of course

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since produced. At this time some of the physicians edu-

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that cases of chorea, in which there has been but little affection of the limbs

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asthenia. Tea may produce severe and persistent gastralgia. Nervous

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of physic than it was for King Henry VI IL to publish a

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his affections. The result is, as a rule, the opposite of that for which she

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plugged with masses of epithelium and secretion that may simulate the

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tains a passage which has caused the people to imagine the

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oval nodules, which are hard but strangely mobile. Their centre may be

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viruses are filtrable. Several kinds of filters have been used:

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a little epidemic is the result. An instance of intensification of viru-

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but occasionally independently of these, an eruption, which was formerly

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ceived the rudiments of his education. What further in-

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tegration of the community, and as such is resented and punished by the

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local application and absorption through a wound surface or

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in sections the capsule is not easily stained. Morphologically, or by

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