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He mentions the following curious instance of the deviation of a bullet. In
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districts in which the attendance of skilled mid wives is provided in
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In the sixteenth number the article *^0n the Climate of
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4. Observations on the Contagion of Puerperal Fever carried by a
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Foes to the gentler manners of the plain." — Gray.
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the case. What would have been the results in the case of De
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Treatment of Chronic H]rpertrophic Rhinitis. — ^While
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in stopping the perspiration. Nor is there any harm in
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thing like choleraic illness is known to have occurred among any
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aimlessly, delirious or more or less comatose, charged with
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misused by his family. Attacks of delirium and excite-
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With the distance from this part, the sound gradually decreases in loudness, and
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" Mrs. B. having been in labour four hours, the shoulders had reached the
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relief. I repeated them, and the headache and vomiting ceased; she slept soundly
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brilliancy, they are equalled in these qualities, and greatly surpassed
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now combined with the Cape of Good Hope into one, while China and Japan form
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catarrhal, the practice of constant bathing, with relaxing lotions, confine-
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29. Clinical Lecture on Mssure of the Jlnus. By M. Velpeau. The patient
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For summer wear either linen or cotton is suitable.
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proper is composed of smooth, inorganic, muscular fibre, held
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down the right foot the child's back and also its occiput will come
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themselves, sometimes as early as the third or fourth day, and sometimes
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restoration of the strength and the rapidity of the convalescence, for
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used by Trousseau. R. pulv. rad. kramer. ^ss.; aq. font. ^vj. Put the root
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lips of the uterus were much^ but superficially, ulcerated. Extra-
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causes which affect the functional activity of the spinal cord,
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this boundary, from the obvious motive of seeking the head of navigation, affords a
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infancy, and much advance in them may yet be looked for. Dr.
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On Colchicia. By John M. Maisch. ' American Journal of Pharmacy
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